Returned from three weeks on the farm with complete plans submitted

We got to the farm on June 29.  We expected to receive the plans on July 7 and submit on July 9, but it was delayed another week.  Our friend, Ann Raab who has guided us on the design of the house, was also off traveling that week.  She got back on July 15 and the 1910 Everette Residence (Permit Issue) plans arrived that day and we had an appointment to submit on July 16. She had not finished the plot plan and rushed to get it done on July 15.  Well when we got to the office on July 16, they had some concerns about it.  She said she would redo it and bring it back that afternoon. It also turned out that we needed a test on our well which we submitted that day requesting that the results go to Ann.  Hopefully they will be back the beginning of next week and will be submitted along with her updated plot plan and begin wending their way through the approval process.  This is about six weeks later than I had hoped for.  I was hoping to pour the foundation in August and build the house in September.  It will truly be miraculous if it can happen before the end of September.  According to our contract with Topsider, we are suppose to take the first shipment on September 15.  It can really be problematic if the house components come before they can be erected.  If I knew in December when we signed the contract with Topsider what I know now, I probably would not have gone with them, but rather with Ann.  I love the house design and I am sure it will be wonderful, but it took a lot longer than I anticipated and I think it will cost a lot more as well.

Floor plans July                 House Elevations July


We had made arrangements with an old friend Doug Millholland of Blue Heron Construction, a builders co-op to construct the shell kit.  We have been talking to Doug for about two decades about building us a house, but now that he is running a political campaign, he passed on the project to another member of the co-op Randy Welle.  Gee, maybe I need to help Blue Heron get up a website…but they probably have all the work they need by word of mouth.

Not only Doug and Nancy Millholland, but we did get the opportunity while we were there to connect with more old friends and to make some new ones.

We also spoke to a couple of people about the use of the trees on our land to make woodwork for the interior. only the base of the mapleWe spent some time evaluated some of the trees on the property.  We would like to use our own wood for the interior woodwork, either maple or alder or both, though only want to cut trees that it would be good for the land to remove.  One of the many large maple trees
Our neighbors to the west have clearcut a large part of their property which adjoins our forest.  It is very sad. We spoke to several people who work with local wood.


I may update the photo album with a few more pictures.




I was excited about finding a very cool door on Craigslist.  It wasn’t cheap, but it was a lot less expensive than many new front doors. IMG_3602 It was made in 1880 in Argentina out of mahogany.
think this 8 foot tall door with a round top and circular window will fit very well reflecting both the round window on the other side of the foyer as well as the soaring roof line.

On the drive up, we brought up a pantry door that we had bought several years ago from a local company that reclaims building materials from houses being torn down.  We thought we would have a pantry here in San Mateo, but the process got too complicated and we decided not to do more remodeling here.  When we brought it up, I thought of it as the first piece for our new house.  Now we also will have a front door.  Doug said he would pick it up for us from the folks in E. Bremerton who were selling it.



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