Septic Design done

Well the septic design and new site plan are done.  SepticDesign2We received them today, had to print the application and mail it in with a check to Suzanne, the system designer.  She had already sent the new site plan to Ann Raab  who is acting as our agent talking with the county to submit. She will get the permit application in the mail from us probably on Monday, and hopefully the application will then be complete.

I spoke to Al at Topsider Homes two days ago.  To my great surprise and relief, they are fine holding the house until we are ready.  They will need a two to four week lead time to ship it out.  I know the foundation can go in during wet weather and Suzanne just said the septic can as well, but I don’t think I want the house to come out before we can be sure of a couple of weeks of dry weather.


A one week trip in October

As I shared previously, everything has been delayed.  We had a few purposes for this current trip.  We met with Suzanne Martin who will be designing the new (and expensive) septic system that the county is requiring before they will give us our building permit.


We only need to have the design in before they will consider our application for the building permit.  Once we get the permit, which could be 4-8 weeks, our next step is excavating for the slab.  That is somewhat weather dependent…which is why I wanted to do it in August.  Then we can ask for the shipment of the house which Topsider has said they would hold until we are ready.  That may not be able to go up until spring. Then we will probably order our kitchen and we will have the septic system installed.  And finally we will finish off the house.

I wanted to check in with Ann Raab and did get to see her for a few hours.

IMG_4014We got a chance to help with the apple harvest and after joining the local fruit club, we borrowed their cider press and as a group, made lots of Asian pear and apple cider.  Some of it is being fermented into hard cider.

We wanted to talk further with Robert about Beaver Valley Lodge.  He does not like communicating by email.  his is the property about a half mile from  Dragonbelly Farm that we would like to purchase if  we can find partners to work on projects on the land including retreat center, meeting facility, commercial kitchen for value added agricultural products, workshops, artist studios, vineyards and wine making, various gardening projects, etc. There is a 2BR house that would need residents as well as an ADU site with all facilities which currently has an old mobile home on it. I took a lot of pictures today which I have posted on Facebook.


Disappointing News

Well, our contractor went in to talk to the building department today and they said that they absolutely would not give us a building permit until we submit a new septic design….and after they get it, it would be 4-8 weeks.

Meanwhile I have started the process of refinancing our home at San Mateo Ecovillage to get the cash to finish building our house at Dragonbelly.  We have been trying to sell our second four unit building so that we would have more owners there, but in the meantime, we realized we could refinance the building we live in, and may also be able to bring in one of the renters as an owner in the process.