We have the septic permit!

Septic DesignOn Friday, March 20, we received a phone call from Jefferson County Environmental Health saying she had approved the septic design.  She said she did not see an updated site plan.  I said that I thought one had been submitted, but verified with the septic designer and Ann, our support designer, and they said they would get a new one to the county on Monday morning…which was done. I asked whether the septic was just one step in the process and now it had to go to the other departments.  She said that all of the departments should have received our application simultaneously; she looked at our file and said that she did not see where the building had been signed off….though was surprised at that.  Needless to say, I wondered where the ball was dropped now….particularly since the house kit was already built and is waiting for us in the warehouse in North Carolina.  When Ann brought the site plan in on Monday, the Permit Center was confused about what they were suppose to do with it. Each day this past week, I expected to hear from them that the permit was approved.  I was going to call on Thursday when nothing had arrived, but got involved and when I looked at the clock, it was 4:35, and they close at 4:30.  I am waiting until Monday and hoping there is good news.

Meanwhile the septic designer sent the design to three installers and we contacted our contractor, Randy Welle of Blue Heron Construction (gotta get those guys a website…it is interesting that there are other construction companies with that name around the country), and alerted him that we might be close to the end.  He said he has just been taking small jobs while waiting for us.  As soon as we have the permit, the first step is arranging for finishing excavating the site and preparing and doing the concrete pad pour.  I find it rather mind boggling that they need to be able to figure out where all the plumbing goes when they pour the slab. Soon after they start the slab, we can contact Al at Topsider to tell him to send the house.  He said it would take about two weeks to arrange the delivery and send the shipment.  I understand that the slab is suppose to cure for a month before the house is erected.

Michael, our caretaker from the farm, arrived this morning for a week visit to take care of some business in the area.  He told us that it had been a mild winter and that spring was at least a week early.  He said there had been lots of veggies planted and shared other updates.

I am still hoping that we have positive news that would lead us to make a trip up in mid April.


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