First day back on the farm

After a leisurely morning which included wiping down part of the ceiling with vinegar and continuing to cleanup, followed by  a creative breakfast….cooking with only one burner and limited food stock is different for someone who really likes to cook.IMG_5546 I opened the trailer door to sunshine, cherry blossoms, tulips and daffodils.
We made a quick trip into town and I got a few more things at the co-op.  I had brought a suitcase full of food up and had left a lot here on our last trip last fall.


Late in the afternoon, Brian and I walked the property and enjoyed seeing all the tulips.  I had bought a large bag of them last fall, and the caretakers had planted them.  They were a day or so past their peak, but still quite lovely.


IMG_5554 IMG_5550 IMG_5549

















You will see the trailer in the background of this last photo, my tiny home on the farm….until we get our house built.  IMG_5555I am still hoping for it to be finished before the fall equinox….maybe overly optimistic.


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