Traveling back to Dragonbelly

On Wednesday, after filing an extension on my taxes, we headed back up to Dragonbelly Farm.  Our plane didn’t arrive until about 6 and after taking the light rail into Seattle, we made a mad dash to catch the 7:20 ferry.  We arrived in the terminal at 7:18, but fortunately, the boat was five minutes late.  It was a beautiful time of day to make the trip.





The ferry pulled out giving us a beautiful view of Mt. Ranier behind us.





As the trip progressed the sun got lower and lower in the sky, so that when we arrived in Bainbridge 35 minutes later, it was almost dark.



IMG_5538 IMG_5535 IMG_5528











Our caretaker met us in Bainbridge and we drove to the farm, arriving around 9.  It was definitely chillier than San Mateo, and I was glad to hear that he had turned on the heater in the trailer before he left.

Unfortunately we were not expecting to be greeted when we opened the door with a strong smell of mildew.  We spent close to two hours cleaning up with vinegar.  We also were not happy to find mouse droppings and nibbled upon bags.  There is more to do.


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