More preparation …

I just wanted to mention that we are still look for partners for the project we started talking about last fall on the property known as Beaver Valley Lodge.

BeforeMovingOn Friday, we moved the last of the “dead” vehicles from the area around the house site to the part of the property where we have a utility “barn” and other non-running vehicles….all of which have served us valuably in the past.

A little history: this green truck was what Brian was driving when I first met him 30 years ago.  It was converted to propane and he had even made a trip around the country with it with his first wife.  It is a 1967 Dodge.


Climbingonthe backhoeA problem they were having with it today, though I did not realize it until we were almost to its resting place is that the left rear wheel was not rolling, so it was being dragged along and dug a small trench as we moved it.


vehiclestoragewithflatbedThe massive flatbed on the right was used to move up to Dragonbelly in 1989.  It carried the backhoe and lots of other gear as well as pulling a large utility trailer with the rest of our possessions. You can only see the cab in this picture….I will have to get a better shot so one can see its enormity.

You will notice us approaching a green school bus.  Our first year on the farm, we went to an auction at the Marysville School District and we bought that bus….and lots of other stuff.  I am not sure exactly what we thought we were going to do with it….a hippy tour bus perhaps.  It did become a home for a few folks a decade or so ago.

intoplaceThat bright yellow-orange vehicle is my 1970 VW Camper.  It took me on many of a journey back in the 80s long before I met Brian including many trips up and down the coast between LA and SF.  A trip that stands out in my mind is driving to the Humanistic Psychology Conference in Montana with many pairs of wrap around pants that I sewed to sell to pay for the trip.  Those were the days!  When we moved to the farm, I got a new engine and top for it.  Unfortunately, within a month or so, we hit a deer and that was the end of it. I am not totally sure why we still have it other than because of sentimental reasons….and having so much acreage.

The green Dodge  has a generator stored on it.  There is still a small trailer that has a welder on it that will also need to be moved.


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