Setting the forms for the footing

Well nobody came Monday, but about 11 Tuesday morning the concrete crew from Sound Concrete Solutions showed up.  Footings1I asked the man setting the forms whether he had done such a polygonal building before and he said no, but he was excited to do it.  That’s a good sign.

The owner came by about 2 and told us that they would be pouring the concrete on Thursday.  He left and his crew worked the rest of the day to set the forms for the concrete footings.

Footings4Footings3 Footings5


We went to town about 3 and when we returned after 7,Footings6 they were gone, and they were not quite finished. I suspect they will be back on Wednesday to finish and hopefully, they will still be pouring on Thursday.






So bright and early Wednesday morning, they were back, footings11with a larger crew which included a woman.  They had lots to do today to finish framing all the footings and adding rebar.

I had a pleasant chat with the owner of the company again.footings12







When I got back after a day trip to Port Townsend. they were finished and had left.  Most of the forms seem level but it is higher on the west side to adjust for that large rock we found when excavation began.footings13 Brian tried to explain to me how it can end up level when there is this step up.  footings14
I just don’t get it….but I guess the level of the footing is not the same as the level of the stem wall which is not the same as the level of the concrete pad.

Brian told me that we will have our first inspection tomorrow morning and they should be doing the first concrete pour tomorrow afternoon.



.Today we also had our third visit from a septic system installer …so we will soon have three estimates, probably all around $20,000.

Brian did some tree trimming in the area where the drain field will go in.

footings15contemplationAfter he was showing me the footings, he looked very contemplative sitting on this box of j-bolts that will go into the concrete and fasten the house to the foundation. They were shipped out by Topsider and arrived just in time today.  All of us are questioning why things like this have to be shipped from North Carolina when they can be secured locally.


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