Unusual weather…or is it usual for the Olympic Peninsula

The weather has been interesting. Yesterday, it was sunny and warm….almost feeling like summer.  It was the first night I went to bed without putting on the heater.  This morning it was drizzling and cool and rained off and on all day.

This morning I got an email from our old friend Doug Milholland, formerly of Blue Heron Construction. He wrote to confirm that he would be helping Randy on the house. This is good news as we have been waiting for 20 years for Doug to build us a house….and he always wanted to build a Topsider octagon house. He also wrote to introduce us to a friend of his who is looking for rural property to live, to have our business, and to build her dreams.  He thought we might be interested in talking with each other.

She wrote and shared her website for Propolis Brewing, award winning seasonal herbal ale. The site was beautiful, her product is very interesting, and I was quite amazed by it and looked forward to meeting her.  She came out a little after 11.  ForestCreekWe took her on a tour of the property.  I was glad to have an opportunity to go traipsing through the forest….something I had not yet done on this trip.

We also went by the Beaver Springs property.  Robert wasn’t home, so she couldn’t see the lodge.  She acknowledged the problem with that property that is so obvious…the road noise is quite bad, but also acknowledged its possibilities for her business including a tasting room and event center being on the main road for anyone driving to Port Townsend via the Hood Canal bridge.  Hers would be a great business to be the key one on the property…but I don’t know if the disadvantages will out weigh the advantages.  She will discuss it with her partner.  She also said she has been looking at lots of property in the area and feels it is overpriced.  It is hard to know for someone from California, but then again, she shared that is part of the problem.  Many people from California have often come to Washington to live full or part-time, but in the past year, the numbers have soared and they (we) are buying up property and paying cash and pricing locals out of the area. (We bought this land over 25 years ago.)

mapJCKCAfter she left, we walked back to the farm and later that afternoon decided to drive to Silverdale to do some shopping, and to eat out for a change.  I was thinking how different it is to drive that 25 miles on that tree-lined road than to drive almost the same distance as going to San Jose from my home in San Mateo on the 101 Freeway.  I didn’t think of taking a picture until just before we turned on to Beaver Valley Road.


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