Does Facebook Count?

thrutrailerSo does lying in bed until noon doing email, researching kitchen design, and posting on Facebook count as a morning of leisure or working?

Then I made a luscious brunch in my little tiny galley kitchen in this 1986 Avion trailer, before joining Brian outside where he had been working for a couple of hours.



.smelllilacsAlong the way, I did stop to smell the flowers.  These are those same lilacs that I wrote about earlier that we dug up and put into pots as they were in the way of the excavation, and then they will be planted by the house after it is done.





shipI joined Brian working on cleaning up around the ship….yup a ship buried in the ground.  We got it for free many decades ago and Brian moved it into place.  We were hoping to be able to make it into a little cabin, but the diesel smell was too lingering.  I wonder if it still is.

While I was working, I got a call from Vidit who is living at our San Mateo Ecovillage.  I asked him to call me back on Facetime, and he did with his girlfriend Divya and I took them on a tour of the property.


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