Last Days-yesterday

lilacsNewflowersJPGYesterday we started the day with Zumba and wondered if there would be folks working here when we returned, but alas, there was no construction crew. Brian thought perhaps they give themselves three day weekends.  Brian and I weeded a flower bed, and planted a half dozen plants we had purchased at the plant sale this past Saturday.  It was fun gathering rocks to put borders around them.  It got me thinking about the rock wall I want to put around the house and that I might want to do a planter bed rather than just a wall.

boatcleanedBrian did some more clean-up around the ship including all the branches we had trimmed the two days before.


When we were cutting limbs in the forest on Friday, I noticed the rope remains of a no longer existing hammock. It was obviously cutting into the tree so I asked Brian to cut it off.


Hmmmm….I was concerned that I was writing this post a day late, but although it is May 5, WordPress seems to think it is the 6th, so when I do today’s post, it is still going to look like it is the next day.


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