Our last full day and they start building the forms for the stem wall

erectstemwallHappy Cinco de Mayo. I can’t believe I liked it when I realized I was waking up to the sounds of hammering and trucks arriving.  Rob and his crew began constructing the forms for the stem wall today.  erectstemwallRob)As the crew was working on it, Rob was going around measuring points on the form for nailing on the “straps” that will tie the stem wall to the walls of the building. Brian later told me that their goal was to get up the outside wall forms complete today.  erectstemwall2They will get the other side tomorrow and then will add rebar and hopefully pour concrete by Friday….well maybe not, because they need a work day to take off the forms the day after they do the concrete.  Well, I guess it matters not as we won’t be here to see it anyway.

It was a strange day with the heaviest rain we have had in the past three weeks.  There was even hail.

We did a walk around on the property with Lanny who lives in the front part of the property…actually a second, and larger, parcel.  He shared some of what he would like to accomplish on the land.

stemwall1Later that afternoon, I was hanging out in the trailer working on the computer while Brian continued to walk around.  He got some good pictures of the metal “straps.”  stemwall3 stemwall2My friend Ann from Greenpod Development came over to see the progress on the project and she commented that there seemed to be a lot of straps. Topsider certainly overbuilds for safety. She had guided us through working with Topsider on the design.

BriankisSandaI also wanted her to go look at the Beaver Springs Lodge property.  I think now she better understands why we are so enamored with it.  She also took the only picture of the two of us together.


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