After 7 modes of travel, we are back to our home in CA

At 9:30 this morning, we got a ride 3 miles to Port Ludlow and from there took the Jefferson Transit bus that left Port Townsend at 9:25.  For the next four steps of the journey, see this cool guide on getting to the airport by public transportation.  Since we are seniors, it was even cheaper that their brochure describes….$3.00.  It is a little more in the other directions as they only charge for the ferry when it leaves from Seattle.

We got to the airport about 1:30 and got on a flight about an hour later.  The flight was almost empty.  We fly standby and I am afraid it will not be as easy later in the summer, but will always aim for flying mid-week, ideally Wednesdays. We arrived at SFO at 4:30 and were picked up by one of our ecovillage community members and was home about 5:30.  So seven modes of travel and 8 hours and we are back.

Driving would be 14-16 hours at least and 2-3 tanks of gas.
Upon arriving home, my first aha as I approached our building, was a beautiful iris and then the pomegranate bush growing behind it.FullSizeRender_3





FullSizeRenderAfter a little checking in in the house, I went out to the garden, particularly to see how my tomatoes were doing as I have some advertised for sale on Craigslist.  We will plant many of our tomatoes tomorrow. The garden looks good and I particularly noticed a beautiful nasturtium and a blooming cactus.  It is definitely a different growing climate.FullSizeRender_1




We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to choose to live in two different beautiful environments


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