News from the field

So we have been home in CA for a little over a week.  stemwallpouredThe contractor just sent me an email telling me that the stem wall has been poured.  He has also talked to the folks at Peninsula Heating Company I connected with to put in a radiant heated floor with an electric boiler.  I have been trying to avoid gas for several reasons, including my aversion to fracking, and besides, on the Olympic Peninsula, all that is available is propane in tanks and it is far more expensive than electricity.  Besides, we are planning solar PV so ultimately, we will be heating with solar power.  We also got a good explanation why solar water heaters for our “domestic water” do not make sense in our situation, and we will use electric there as well.  I never thought I would have an all electric house.

A lot of this week, I have also been researching kitchen cabinets.  I expected solar and radiant heating to be pricey….but not kitchen cabinets. I will have to think more about this.


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