Who would have guessed we needed more rocks

20150514_105621These pictures and comments were sent to me by our contractor, Randy Welle, on Friday. “Good morning Sanda,yes the stem wall got poured and it went well. Today we’re going to shoot some rock in not to fill the inside but bring it up part way for the plumber20150514_105649I will send a film clip of the shooter truck when that’s happening this afternoon. I did talk with your heating contractor.I will coordinate with him about the slab and I will let you know when that’s going to get poured.” These were also the first photos I saw of the completed stem wall. These two photos more dramatically showed the rock being shot through the air than the film clip he sent.


20150514_165608“This is after 6 dump trucks full of drain rock, about 60 cubic yards. This is just to get up to where the plumbing needs to be. There is more to shoot in after the plumber is done. The under slab plumbing will start on Tuesday,”
Ken Lofstrum
We also spoke with the heating contractor, Ken Lofstrum of Peninsula Heating Company who will be installing the radiant heat floor and he will be meeting us on site on Thursday.  We are planning to fly back up on Wednesday….if we get all the tasks we need to complete here on time.

One thought on “Who would have guessed we needed more rocks

  1. Gloria Bram says:

    Too bad you couldn’t break up a few of the large boulders. But i guess all the rocks need to be of a particular consistent size.

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