And we’re back

Again the journey is always interesting….and this time about 7 hours door to door.  We thought we were going to take a 7am flight, but when I checked the passenger load at 4am, it seemed prudent to try to make the 6am flight….and using a vacation pass to get us higher priority.  We usually try to use those for long expensive flights…like to Europe or Asia as it eliminates service charges as well as  putting you higher on the standby list.  So by the skin of our teeth we made that very full flight followed by the Sounder light rail, walking to the ferry dock, taking a bus to Poulsbo, and then the Port Townsend bus to Port Ludlow, and Michael came to get us for the last three miles.

I had spoken to Ken, the heating contractor as we were walking to the Seattle ferry and he said that our contractor had asked him to come tomorrow instead of today, but that he would like to talk to the electrician if he was on site when we got to the farm.

FullSizeRenderAs we arrived the electrician was leaving, but I stopped him to talk to Ken. I only heard one side of the conversation, but it sounded like he may need them to put in more or larger conduit ….but the electrical inspection is Tuesday, so it is going to be difficult to have that happen by then.  FullSizeRender_2It may need to be delayed.  We had heard the plumbing had been stubbed in on Tuesday. After those three phases are completed, I guess the slab gets poured.  I am sure hoping that will happen while we are here. We walked around the house foundation, noting where there were water, sewer and electric lines….as well as a beautiful blooming rhododendron.FullSizeRender_1


2 thoughts on “And we’re back

    • Yup….and there are more. Look for more pictures soon. I thought we had only one color of rhody, but now I am seeing at least three and maybe five. It is hard to tell whether some are just variations, but there are at least red, pink, and lavender….can’t tell if there are two different reds and two different pinks.

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