In case you are wondering……

IMG_6103It has been several days since I wrote anything.  The construction crew had a four day weekend….though we did meet with Randy and Ken as I wrote in my last post. I am not sure when that happened to the Memorial Day weekend, but it seems to be pretty common. After they left, I did take more pictures of various flowers on the land….I still need to get more posted.

Not my usual construction post, but more about how we spent our Memorial Day weekend.

FullSizeRenderSaturday was a pretty full day of leisure for us.  We drove down through Quilcene along the Hood Canal about 25 miles to Brinnon for the Shrimpfest.  It was a drizzly morning so I think the crowd was less than anticipated for this small town fundraising festival, but it was delightful with a quite talented local band and some interesting local artists….some of which we may just buy from after the house is built.  FullSizeRender_1We did buy one package of the rare Hood Canal spotted shrimp.  If I recall correctly, the season is only four days long.

After about two hours, we left to explore more of the Hood Canal area.  We have not done more than just drive through in the last 15 years. FullSizeRender_2 First we stopped at one of the many beautiful beaches and wandered and looked at rocks and oyster shells.

Then we headed inland just before the Dosewallips State Park following the Dosewallips River toward the Olympic National Forest.  There were signs that said the road ended 8 miles ahead.  FullSizeRender_3I decided to drive all the way and found that there had been a washout in the previous year though it looked like they were in the process of making some repairs.  Folks were definitely going through that rough rocky spot in the road, but it didn’t feel like a wise thing to do to me without a 4 wheel drive….or at least a high clearance truck. FullSizeRender_4We took a pretty leisurely drive stopping frequently and it was almost 5:00 before we got back out to 101.

I surprised Brian by continuing to drive south …but just a mile or so to the Whitney Gardens and Nursery.  I had been meaning to go here for years, but since it was rhody season, it seemed a good time to stop.  We spent almost an hour wandering the nursery and fantasizing plants to buy in the future.  We did buy one small columbine to add to my collection.  It has different colored blooms all on the same plant.

On Sunday, we headed off to Seattle to attend the Folklife Festival.We had got to the ferry dock a little too late to find time to park, so we decided to drive across.  It sure made it easier Seattle side, but I was shocked at how expensive the ferries had become.  It was $15 for a senior and car.  I think the regular fare was over $20. Folklife was quite an amazing event with at least 1,000 times the amount of people than we had seen at the festival the day before.  The day started well with the blues of Michael Hawkeye Herman, and included Eric Tingstad who I was surprised was playing blues on a classical guitar, and Ginny Reilly singing the songs of Bessie Smith.  We also enjoyed two great dance performances.  We couldn’t even get into the theater for the first set of dancers, but the next two were great. The Northwest Tap Connection is a community project training young dancers (It looks like their website was highjacked, but this is their Facebook page.)

The next act was Savoy Swing Club Performance Troupe.  We were really into swing and lindy hop about 15 years ago and wish we were still doing it, but it takes way more energy than I have.

Highlights and pictures to follow….but I wanted to get something up.

We didn’t leave the festival until after 9:00 and had decide to drive around through Tacoma rather than taking the ferry back.  Google Maps said it would take about the same amount of time, and added 60 miles of driving, but I thought it would be cheaper paying for gas than the $20 to take the ferry.

I was trying to find us a good place to eat dinner, but most places were closed or closing.  We finally settled on heading for one in Tacoma which was suppose to be open until 10.  When we got there, it was closed and we looked around and saw the Half Pint Pizza Pub.  It was very crowded and with a crowd about a third of my age, but the overworked bar tender was very sweet and after almost an hour’s wait, we had a great pizza and then a long drive home…getting in about 1am.

I had to get up very early for a 6:30 am Skype call with Global Ecovillage Network folks from around the planet talking about our strategy for the Climate Change Conference in Paris.  It was 2:30pm in London.  If I know I will be a delegate, I will probably attend the GEN Conference at Findhorn in July.

The day was spent on the farm.  Brian got lots of weed whacking done, including clearing “the island”.  I did a little bit of weeding. For dinner, we had those Hood Canal shrimp.  It is interesting cooking here as I have a very limited kitchen and very limited supplies.


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