Shooting rocks

Wednesday was a busy day.  Our morning started with a visit from a couple ….and their delightful daughter, who had written to express interest in the Beaver Springs Lodge retreat center concept.  We gave them a tour of Dragon Belly and then went over to Beaver Springs.  We felt they would be a very good fit for the project and are eagerly waiting to hear from them about it.  I know I am setting myself up for potential disappointment.
FullSizeRenderJust before we left for the Beaver Springs, the Ian and Matt from Peninsula Heat came to put in the main line that will be connecting the two manifolds for the radiant heat floor…which need to be under the concrete slab and under the gravel. FullSizeRender_1They were just finishing up as we got back.





Shortly afterwards the gravel truck arrived.  They had put six! loads of gravel into the foundation form the day before we arrived.  image1Now they needed to put in more gravel to cover the lines that had been laid by the electrician and the heating company.

Gravel needs to come up to eight inches from the top of the form.  They were hoping to get it all done with three loads, but they are just a little short and they will need another load in the morning.FullSizeRender_1


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