Not as expected

At about 8 am the gravel shooter came with the last load. Then I got to spend a day away.  I got picked up by Gary and Lani Smith who just moved into their 4000+ sq ft. Topsider house in Port Angeles …. probably two years later than they expected.  They were going shopping in Silverdale and I asked if I could go along.  I think of Silverdale as the city that became a shopping mall.  It has about every chain store that you can think of.  It is about 35 miles away from our farm, which makes it about 80 miles away for them.  There are many, but not all, of the main stores closer to them in Sequim which is about 25 miles from me, but only 15 for them.  It was fun spending the day with them and eating lunch out for a change.

I had expected that the concrete guys who were also subcontracted to lay the insulation would be arriving some time Thursday afternoon.  When I got back Randy and one of his crew were just finishing leveling the gravel, but the folks did not come with the insulation. (I wish I got a picture…its called screeding, a leveling process that I have seen done before with concrete, and will be done with our concrete pad.)

So we expected them to show up first thing Friday morning.  They didn’t.  Their getting that part done was crucial for the timing for the radiant heating guys and then the concrete pour.  They didn’t show up until about noon….and without the insulation panels.  I spoke to Rob, the subcontractor and he said something about having to shop around for the best price so the shipment was delayed.  What it seemed to me is that he did not start looking for it when he got the job a month or so ago….but I did not say that to him.

My contractor, Randy, sounded a bit perturbed and after talking with him, told us that they were going to come and work on Saturday.  The plan is that they get the far octagon finished on Saturday so that the heating folks can lay that line on Monday and then they finish the insulation on Monday and the heating folks finish on Tuesday and the concrete still gets poured on Wednesday.

Meanwhile we continued with cleanup on the property, and I did some weeding and planting the flowers I got last Saturday.

Oh, and there was the exciting news that Topsider is shipping the house on June 4 and Randy expects it five days later.  Of course we were going to go home on June 4 and not be back for the rest of the month, but now we are reevaluating our schedule as it looks like the primary house build will be in June.


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