Rather like a jigsaw puzzle

So they did show up about 8 am on Saturday morning.  We spent most of the morning in the trailer and were surprised when we went out that it was not Rob, but two of his crew that we had met before. Actually Brian went out first and came back with concerns as they were putting the two layers down without the vapor barrier in between.  FullSizeRender_4They had not brought it with them and said often they put the two layers of two inch foam down and then put the vapor barrier on top.  We did not see how that would work and we called Randy and he called Rob.  He told him that though he did not usually do it that way, it certainly would not work with the need to put the radiant heating tubes on top.  FullSizeRenderOne, it would not give them a good surface to work on and two, they needed to snap lines to show where the rooms would be and they could not do that on the sheets of plastic.  Personally, I don’t see how it ever works.

FullSizeRender_1We went out to talk to them about it and while we were expressing what we felt needed to be done, Rob called them and I assume told them how it needed to be done as one of them took off to get the plastic while the other one stayed working.  FullSizeRender_2He was continuing to cut the pieces of insulation and we suggested that perhaps he should be doing the first layer on the other side instead.  He said that they were only suppose to get the one side done, and he was going to keep cutting the top layer for the side they were planning to finish and he would cut them and then pick them up to do the plastic.

Mind you, this is while trying to piece 4×8 sheets of foam into a 31 foot diameter octagon.  We thought we had seen a diagram to most efficiently do this, but they said they did not have one and we could not find what we thought we had seen.  FullSizeRender_3I did not see how they were going to be able to put those small pieces back down if they did not have a system to pick them up; it seemed like a jigsaw puzzle to me, but they seemed to think they could do it.  They said that they would stay until the job was done.

They continued working on it while we went off to do some weed whacking and hand weeding behind the house.  Around 4:00, they packed up and left.  They told Brian that they forgot they had a wedding to go to.

vaporbarrierWe went back to the house, thinking we might help and put some pieces down, but we were shocked at what we saw. They had gone ahead and put the first layer down on the second side of the house, had picked up the second layer on the first side and put down the vapor barrier, and had put back down the large pieces of the second layer.   jigsawpuzzleMeanwhile there was a whole pile of various sizes and shapes of smaller pieces that needed to be replaced.  We tried to figure it out, but it was impossible.  I don’t know whether because they had cut it, they had an idea where to put those jigsaw puzzle pieces down, but somehow I doubt it.

So two concerns, will they come first thing Monday morning and get that one side done before the heating contractor comes and if they can’t figure out how to put the small pieces back down, will there be enough material to redo it?  If they do get the pieces down before the heating contractor arrives, they will then need to finish the second side on Monday, laying the vapor barrier and then cutting the pieces to fit.  If all that happens, the heating contractor can finish laying the tubing on Tuesday and the concrete can be poured on Wednesday and we can fly back to San Mateo on Thursday as planned.


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