Randy to the rescue

We emailed Randy, our contractor about our concerns with it being ready for the heating company on Monday.  He called this morning and said he would come on out himself and finish the one side so that heating coils could be laid down on Monday as planned.Randy arrives

He had earlier told us that he usually did this part of the work himself anyway but gave the concrete folks the job.  We were going to go into town about 11:30, but waited until Randy arrived and verified he did not need our help. It really felt like he was our knight coming to the rescue. No that is not a white horse in the background, but rather some of the plastic.




.After a day in town, we came home to find that Randy had finished that one side and most of the foyer….and the pieces did not look like a jigsaw puzzle.


I counted the stack of materials and there seems to be 825 sq ft of material left.  Hopefully some of the small pieces can be used to finish the first level on the other octagon so that the full pieces can be used after the vapor barrier for that side, as he did on the first side.  It will be close as each octagon is 800 sq ft….and there is also the laundry room.


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