Labyrinths Part 2

The day started out quite strangely.  First the insulation/concrete folks came and then they left shortly thereafter.  Then the heating folks came and found that the concrete guys had removed one of their manifolds and cut open the foam and plastic letting in lots of rainwater and scattering gravel on top of the foam.  Brian came back to me in the trailer because he thought they had sabotaged the project.  IMG_6369As it turned out, they had forgotten that according to the foundation plan, one side of the foyer needed to be left exposed as it was a supporting wall for the octagon and there were anchor bolts where the wall needed to be placed.  The manifold support needed to be moved slightly to one side so that it wasn’t over those bolts.  We called Randy quite upset and at that point, Randy had also spoken to Ian from Peninsula Heating.  Randy acknowledged that he too had forgotten to look at the foundation plan (which the heating contractor did not have).  It made a mess, and it was a mistake, but it could be and was rectified.

Rob, the owner of Sound Concrete felt that there may have been too much rain the past two days for the concrete pad to be poured on Friday and explained some of the problems that could occur if there is water trapped under the insulation.  Later in the day, Randy told us that he thought it should be fine as the next two days are suppose to be rain free.  Tomorrow he expects them to lay the rebar and the inspector is suppose to come in the late afternoon.

IMG_6364 IMG_6366Ian and the other person from Peninsula Heating continued laying the lines and installing the manifolds.  After all the lines were laid, one of them left part way through the day for another job site nearby and Ian continued working until 5.  He had to leave and come back several times as he needed parts that were on the truck at the other site.  I really love the look of the lines and am sorry that they will soon be covered with concrete.  It inspires me to want to layout a real labyrinth at some time in the future. Although the tubes reminded me most of the style of one at Chartres…there are at least two like it in the SF Bay area, I am more familiar with the use of a similar one and many other labyrinths at Damanhur, a spiritual/ecological community in northern Italy.

A cool panoramic of the whole house.IMG_6368

IMG_6359Randy was also working here with one of his crew from Blue Heron about half the day.  They were checking the level of the top of the stem wall since that is where the house panels will be connected.  There were some places where they needed to sand down high spots.

The house is leaving NC tomorrow and will arrive quicker that they originally told him, probably next Monday.  They won’t be quite ready for it as the concrete pad needs to dry for a week.  As I think I mentioned yesterday, during that week, Randy wants to lay the drain lines and fill in the ditch around the house.  We need to head back to San Mateo Ecovillage..

IMG_6373During much of the day, Brian was working in the “pit” creating a path/terrace which he envisions would later be planted with flowers leading up to the waterfall. He was bordering the path with piecesIMG_6374 of our burned out house supported by rock….we have lots of it.  Brian was feeling his age compared to when he moved rock around when we lived here 25 years ago.


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