The weather is changing

The rain stopped sometime during the night. Today was not a busy construction day.  Ian from Peninsula Heat came back to check whether the system held pressure and to add some lines for future thermostats.  Right after that the county building inspector came to sign off on the insulation and the heating system.  We were expecting her later in the day and that she would also inspect the rebar.

IMG_6394The concrete contractor’s crew dropped off the rebar earlier and then came to start laying it but had to leave early.  They will come back tomorrow morning to finish it, and when Randy came, he called the county for another inspection.  Hopefully they will come later in the day.  We are still on track to pour the slab on Friday….and right after that, or maybe in the middle of it, Brian and I rush to the airport for a flight back to CA.

We had some conversations with Randy about roofing and kitchens and off loading the truck from Topsider when it arrives on Monday and what they will work on during the week until the pad is cured.  It is predicted to be sunny all week.  We hope that weather holds until the shell of the house is up.  We are all curious if it goes up as fast as Topsider says it will.

I continued researching kitchen cabinet options. IMG_6404 IMG_6403Brian spent a lot of time in the afternoon working on his “earth sculpture” in the pit. He explained that I misunderstood him before and that the path he was making will stay a path and the slope above the path will be planted with flowers.


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