Almost the last day-creating a steel grid

IMG_6425I don’t want you to think we have just been hanging out here every day.  This morning we went off to a Zumba class which we have been attending twice a week.  We had been doing it since January back in CA.  Both classes were quite surprised and pleased to have a man in the class.

IMG_6420When we got back just after 9, the concrete folks came to lay down the rebar.  They worked on that all morning and finished early afternoon. IMG_6422 Mid-day the county building inspector came and said that we were doing a great job and signed us off ready to pour the slab tomorrow.

Randy was around for several hours doing cleanup and releasing whatever water still seemed to be trapped under the foam insulation.  IMG_6428It really had dried up during the last two sunny days…..whew.  (It is interesting to me that it feels like the steel grid is masculine and the curvy red heating coils are feminine.)

So now we just wait until 8 am tomorrow morning when the concrete truck will arrive.


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