The day the concrete pad was poured

IMG_6446At 8am this past Friday morning, the concrete pumper and then the first concrete truck showed up.  There were a total of three truckloads and they were threw pouring by 10am.  I thought it was done and perhaps we could head to the airport earlier than planned.
IMG_6453But in watching the process, it took over four more hours of incredible teamwork on the part of Sound Concrete to finish preparing the pad.  IMG_6470I learned that when I saw them smoothing the concrete, they were not just improving the look but releasing water and heat from the concrete.  IMG_6483They did it over and over, first by hand, and then with an interesting machine.  They started talking about it being just too hot to have poured concrete….and it was only 70°


I have lots and lots of pictures to post and may put them together as a video and post it on YouTube.  After all, how many people I know have got to witness that amazing process.


We left the farm, getting a ride from Michael, just after 3:30 and barely made the 4:35 ferry, with unexpected traffic.  A leisurely light rail ride and made it to the airport at 6:10 and to the gate just before the started loading for a 7:10 flight.  We arrive in San Francisco at 9:30, for a total of six hours of travel.  We didn’t have to do the two buses and all the connections were tight and just right, so it is not going to get any less than that.


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