Not there to see the walls go up

So I got back to California on Friday night, but Brian is still up in Washington.  At 7:30 this morning, he took me on a Facetime tour of the building and I saw that they had two more walls up and more on the way.

He says he took 20 pictures today and will send them.  They never came in the email, but he texted 17 pictures Wednesday morning.  Here are some of them.

House Elevations July.




I am adding the pictures of the house design and original floor plan so that you may be able to get an idea of what you are looking at.  Floor plans JulyWhen I look at it, I know where everything is…imagine what it is like looking through bedroom or living room windows. Note that on the plans, north is on the bottom.


4 thoughts on “Not there to see the walls go up

  1. The slab was first and then the exterior walls and then the interior walls will be framed. This process is not that different than standard construction accept that the exterior wall sections were pre-made in a factory.I am not sure what you mean by flooring being set. Flooring would typically be added after all the interior walls are built, plumbing and electric wires in the walls, the walls closed up. In our case, we were just planning on polished concrete throughout, with the idea that we can always had tile or wood or ….. later. I don’t want any carpet. We may go ahead an put cork in the kitchen sooner rather than later.

      • Divya, if you recall from the post before the slab was poured, there are radiant heat coils under the concrete so it will never be cold….unless you want it to be in the summer. In the cooler parts of the year, the slab will be on a thermostat which will keep it always above 60°…warmer if we want it.

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