Finishing the cupola

It was another amazingly hot day.  I don’t recall that it use to get that hot around here.  By the end of the day, it was in the high 80s.

After reviewing the plans with Randy, we decided the tree post we pulled out yesterday was of insufficient diameter. We had identified three more trees yesterday and went to look at them with Randy and decided two of them would work.  
Brian and I proceeded to clean out the area around the main roots.  Randy wants to get creative with the cedar posts sitting on large rocks for the front entranceway.

IMG_6854Meanwhile Doug continued working on the cupola.  It is amazing watching him work up on the roof as he is almost as old as I am.  The remaining crew member, IMG_6860Mica, was filling in the gaps between the roof panels and then nailing in the straps holding the walls to the foundation.

Around 1:30, we headed into Port Townsend to meet with Ann Raab of Greenpoddevelopment to discuss color scheme for the kitchen and the exterior.It is always interesting observing how she works as she is so much more visual than I am.

IMG_6864At 4:30, we went down to the waterfront park to listen to music.  That went on until 7:30, and then we decided to eat dinner out before doing a little shopping and then returned as the sky was reddening and then turning black.IMG_6869


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