Just a few hours….well for them

closedcupolaA few of the crew came by for a few hours today to finish up the cupola and a few other details.  I am not sure whether they stopped just because they reached their 40 hours or because many people stop working half day before the 4th.  They suggested that we could continue with the cleanup instead of paying them to do it.

sprayingtreerootsBrian set up the high pressure washer to spray around the trees we selected for the front posts.  It was over 200 feet to the closest source of water, but he managed.  After he is finished with that, I guess we begin to do the cleanup.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to heading into Port Townsend for Old School 4th of July at Fort Worden State Park.  I am hoping Sunday is also a day of leisure….maybe heading out to Sequim and either up to Hurricane Ridge….their webcam is showing clear weather,  or out the Dungeness Spit or somewhere in that area where the water is accessible. It may be too hot to go out to the spit, and I sure am not capable of the whole hike.


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