It’s the weekend….so much to do

It’s the weekend, and I haven’t written about Thursday and Friday.  It was funny that when the crew left yesterday afternoon, it felt like part of my family was going away for the weekend.


IMG_6985For Doug and Mika, Thursday was about  continuing work on the two roof structures that were not part of the kit.  .




For Randy, Brian, and I, it was about setting up the boulders for the front entryway and beginning to work on placing the trees/poles. Randy had welded some stands for the rocks and drilled and placed them.IMG_6996














Doug and Mika continued working on the roof. Mika said it was the most complicated roof design he had ever worked on, typing in the hip roof over the laundry room into the octagon.  Doug made some suggestions to Randy to expand the size of the front entry way.  I had some thoughts on it as well, but Randy was concerned that it would add to much of a valley where debris can collect on the roof.  Since the whole outside is our front entry, it is probably not very crucial that it is large….we expect to have a large patio on the back of the house…more on that later.

I went off with Michael to Port Townsend to run some errands and when I came back, IMG_7012Randy and Brian had the first pole suspended over the rock and had trimmed off a lot of the root structure and were working on how much more needed to be done to fit it to the rock. I got one picture when I got back.

After Randy  and the others left, Brian and I continued working on shaping the tree., Unfortunately my phone was out of battery so I did not get pictures of the process.


IMG_7016Saturday morning and our day has started.  The first project of the morning was finishing pressure washing the second side of the Avion trailer….we had done one side last weekend.  At one point, I washed a B for Brian in the side just to see the contrast between dirty and clean.

Brian wants to continue trimming the tree.  We will not be able to attach it or start on the second tree until Monday when Randy returns.

IMG_7020Before he fine tunes the base of the tree, we are planning to layout the interior walls of the house, or at least the side with the kitchen.  Kenny, from whom we are ordering our cabinets, is coming out this week to do the final design. Hopefully, it won’t be too hard to find the right points and to snap a chalk line and then go over it with a marking pen.  Actually, when we got started, it seemed easier to lay out pieces of wood that we measured to fit the plans than doing a chalk line.  Tomorrow we will mark where the wood is with pen.  You might notice that the weather has changed.  It was cloudy all day and even drizzled a little.

IMG_7022By the time Brian got to the tree, it was getting pretty late.  He adjusted it a bit, and called it done.  On Monday, the tree and the rock will be drilled and attached.  Note the dust mask.  We recently found out that cedar dust can be toxic.

Another thing we started thinking about doing, and debating whether to do it over the weekend, or on Wednesday, just before we leave, is moving the trailer.  It needs to be pulled out so that the septic installers can work on putting in the second septic tank.  That work is suppose to start a few days after we leave, and hopefully the new system including new drainfield will be done before we return in August.

Just realized that the walls started going up on the summer solstice….though work on the foundation began two months earlier, and I am fantasizing that we will have a house by the fall equinox.


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