Very full last day at the farm

Early on, I went to help Randy with the continuing project of the front door posts.  Our work was interrupted by a much anticipated call from Topsider. They told Randy that he could go ahead an order the framing package from a local supplier so that they could continue working next week.  They said they would call back on Friday with the status of the window order and when they would be sending a shipment including the siding for the house.  Getting the framing in starting next week will make it so the electrician can start in a couple of weeks and then the plumbers.

Mid-day, we met with the electrician to go over th electrical plan.

We also met with the septic installer. We thought he was starting next week, but it will be two weeks.

Later in the day, the people who are designing the layout for the kitchen cabinets came out from near Tacoma to measure and share ideas. They picked up Michael who was returning from California on their way.  In the morning they will return with their ideas and pricing and then take us over to meet with the granite person again who will then take us to the airport for our flight back to California at 2:15.

Meanwhile the crew continued to work on those two roofs. Randy had arranged with the roofer to come back on Friday to put the first layer of “paper” on to seal the roof. Randy continued to work on the front door posts. Fortunately the layout of the post on the boulder went a lot smoother than it did with the first one.

I may not get to the pictures for yesterday’s and today’s post until I get back to CA.


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