The week started slowly

One of the people from the electric company was here most of the day, finishing boxes and pulling wire.  There was no other crew.

Brian did some weed whacking and then we began to put together the gazebo we bought to put on the island in the pond.

Around 6, Randy called and said the plumber would be back around 11 tomorrow and could Brian dig the ditch from the source outside the house to where it is going to go into the house so he can connect it.  Brian worked on that until dark and got it about 2/3 done and will finish in the morning.  Randy hopes to be by in the afternoon to finish wrapping the house.  We bemoaned the fact that according to Fedex the shipment from Topsider is crawling across the country.  It left Columbus, Ohio tonight.

I was hoping tomorrow would be a day of play, swimming or biking, for us, but it looks like we will be busy.  We are still planning to head down to the Bay Area on Wednesday.


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