Back again…finishing electrical work and still waiting….waiting…..

After a very long two day drive in a 14 foot box truck lent to us by the man from whom we ordered our kitchen cabinets, we arrived back at Dragonbelly at 10pm last night.  The house in the distance looked like a ghost, being all covered in the white vapor barrier.

Topsider promised, again, last Thursday to call me back about the windows on Friday.  Here it is Tuesday night and they still have not.  We have also been wondering why they sent us R19 insulation when the code is R21.  Tonight I looked at the plans and I see that it says they would supply R21.

Today the electrician was still here finishing up the electrical work in the walls.  Because of the shape of the house, it has been a very long process pulling all the wires through.

The folks from Peninsula Heat also came today to put in their electrical wires for the thermostats and to install the boiler for the radiant heat flooring.


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