First day with real construction progress….though full week

Let me tell you some of what has been happening since I last wrote over a week ago.

Despite warnings of lots of rain and heavy winds, Saturday we headed into Seattle to meet with one of the Permaculture gurus, one of strongest advocate for rocket stoves and hugelkulture, Paul Wheaton, and with local permies.  The event was organized on his permie forum when he wrote that he was going to be in Seattle for the day and asked if folks would like to get together for a potluck and chatting.  We were offered a ride from the ferry dock in Edmunds, so only had to drive about 20 miles to Kingston.  It was a great day with about 30 folks.  Maybe I will write more about that later.

When we returned Saturday evening, we saw many downed trees and discovered that most of west Jefferson County, as well as other parts of western Washington, were without power.  Since we are in a trailer, we have some lights that run on batteries, so that was OK.  The biggest challenge was not having running water as there was no power to our well.  We do have “agricultural water” which comes in a culvert from a nearby spring which we were able to boil and use.  Well, not having internet was a challenge too as Brian had a big project to work on. Most people in Port Townsend had power back that evening and we got regular reports on where they were working, but we were one of the last areas. We didn’t get power until Tuesday night and spent Sunday and Tuesday afternoon at the library using the internet.

It was kind of funny, because the electricians came back on Monday morning to do a little work without checking to see if we had power.  There is a small generator here so they were able to use that as were the heating folks who stopped by briefly on Tuesday.

And the rains continued….and continued.  I shouldn’t complain as we certainly needed it.  Today was the first day without rain, and Randy and one of his crew were here beginning to put up the fascia.  The roofing contractor also stopped by to get some final measurements and expects to work on the roof next week after the fascia is finished.

We also had two folks come by, one last Friday, and one today, to give an estimate on drywall.  It is a pretty daunting task and they both had a somewhat different approach so it will be interesting to see how they come up with bids.

In the late afternoon, Brian and I continued the work on the gazebo on the island, until we ran out of light.  I am starting this, when I should be starting dinner.


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