So many men….

SandapaintsfasciaBrian and I had to do some preparatory work over the weekend getting ready for all the work that was to happen this week…..when all we really wanted to do was to go to the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend.  On Saturday, we went to Home Depot to finally choose the colors for our house.  On Sunday we painted the fascia.  The fascia needed to be painted before the roofers could begin their work on Monday and also before the gutters can go on.  Also the gutter folks need to know our colors.  The gutters go on before the siding can go up, and the siding goes up after the windows are installed.  I have a picture of his painting, too….but I am so rarely in a picture.

I woke up Monday morning and went out to the job site with the feeling of wow, so many men, yesterday and today, working for me.

Randy was there with his Blue Heron crew with at four men and the roofing company was there with at least four, maybe five….they move to fast.

FullSizeRender_4 FullSizeRender_3On Monday, the Blue Heron crew worked on duct work, fascia, installing skylight and solar tube, and a few other odds and ends.









The roofers, after attaching a metal edge around the roof, were putting down the roofing shingles.

At 4:30, as all of the workers were leaving, the rain started.  It was not a light drizzle like Brian and I experienced on Sunday, but a huge thunderstorm.  I wondered whether all the openings made in the roof were adequately protected.

Tuesday, Blue Heron finished up those projects from the day before closing in the skylight and solar tube and Randy and James began stopping in the windows. OK, let me explain that very strange process….another concern in working with Topsider as I sure did not know they were doing this.  Many of my windows were designed to have an awning window on the top and fixed glass on the bottom.  There is really only one typical double hung window…in the laundry room.  So after two previous wrong tries about the kind on windows I wanted….as mentioned in an earlier post, they finally ordered the wood clad windows I wanted from Milgard.  They are wood on the inside and fiberglass on the outside.  I was trying to decide between brown or green when they went ahead and ordered the brown.  That was probably my second choice, but  was ok with it, until I found out all the fixed glass windows….were not windows and not ordered from Milgard, but double panes, sealed, but not framed, sent from Topsider.  FullSizeRenderThat means that the crew needs to put wood on the outside, place the glass, and wood on the inside to hold it….all with caulking of course.  It means that there is a whole lot more labor involved which costs me, not Topsider; and it is a very old school way of making windows.  They also sent lengths of LP Smartside to use as stops, when Randy felt it should at least be clear cedar.  FullSizeRender_1He spoke to Gary, the construction supervisor at Topsider, and he said that he had originally felt the same way, but visited the LP factory and was convinced of the strength of that material.  Randy still asked us to sign a waiver not holding him responsible if that material does not hold up.  And even more than all these cost and construction woes, this also means, they will not look like the other windows.  It was good though to see and opening in that plastic vapor barrier.  The house has been wrapped for weeks.

FullSizeRender_2The roofers continued putting down shingles.  I don’t know why the original designer of octagon homes thought they would be cheaper to build.  It is more intricate and there is so much waste.  I guess they didn’t use sheet goods in the 19th century.

Meanwhile, I was away most of the day taking Brian to the Bainbridge ferry so he could fly back to San Francisco to take care of some maintenance issues in our community in San Mateo.  He had also hoped to fly to Denver to visit his son and grandson, but wasn’t feeling well and did not want to share a cold with the kids.  I am also not clear there is enough time.


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