and we’re back, for the last time in 2015

We flew back on Wednesday evening.  Just before we got here, we heard there was another delay in getting the windows. The doors are being shipped on Friday, but another week after that before the windows will be shipped.  On Friday, Randy had been able to get a county inspection to sign off on the framing and electric, but it still needs to be air sealed before we can put in insulation.  He is hoping they will let us get the inspection before they finish the windows.

We had a slow start on Thursday morning, but did a small amount of painting trying out our color scheme.  We were not sure of one of our colors, as it seemed too orange and decided to experiment a bit.  We went into the Poulsbo Home Depot and got several color samples as well as some other supplies.
IMG_7759On Friday, Randy came over late morning.  He and Brian began working on the front door. Last year, we bought an door that was made in Argentina in the late 19th century.  The door frame needs some repair, the door needs to be readjusted in that frame to allow for weather stripping, it needs new and stronger hinges, etc..





IMG_7767 IMG_7766 IMG_7763While they were working on that, I was painting all the corner moldings in preparation for painting the siding…after evaluation of our color choice for the upper faux cedar siding (LP Smartside panel)  The light green and dark green were a given, as they were already painted on fascia and soffit.  The bottom panels look like faux stucco (not sure why I can’t find it in the LP Smartside catalog) and we are comfortable with the color we chose a peachy color….callled Copper Moon, but the original color we chose for the faux cedar seemed too orange.

By 3:30, they still had not finished with the door, but Randy said it was time to teach us about doing the air seal.  It has two parts.  One is putting expanding foam into all the holes on horizontal framing and in some of the holes where wires and plumbing go through the vertical framing.  This acts as a fire block as well as adding to the insulation.  I started doing this while he was showing Brian the other part that seems more difficult to me, caulking around all the electrical boxes where ever there are openings to prevent air flow.  He also told us some of what we will have to do to put in the insulation.  It sounds like a harder job than I anticipated. Hmmmm, I wonder if we should hire that out as well.  We had thought we were doing more painting over the weekend, but he said that they really hadn’t finished with the lower faux stucco siding….a little more work needs to be done on Monday and he asked us to hold off.  He will also call the county on Monday and hopefully get that next inspection on Tuesday.

Tomorrow, we anticipate working on the trenching and installation of drain pipe to bring the rainwater away from the house and toward an area where we are planning  a rain garden. (That did not happen….yet, maybe next week, though we did buy the drainage pipe for the job.)


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