Colors and Caulk


So over the weekend, we evaluated the colors we had looked at. We looked at three other “browns” IMG_7773and decided on the one that is next to the original orangey color. IMG_7772It is called Ancho Chili.

Sunday was another shopping run to buy that Ancho Chili paint and other supplies that we needed to do the caulking and spray in insulation for all the potential air gaps in the outside framing that cannot be insulated with the R21 Fiberglass bats. I described the process in Friday’s post after Randy explained it to us.


I  began doing the spray-in insulation while Brian continued with caulking and clean up.  I was a little short in my estimate for how many cans we needed….it is pricey stuff and ran out about 2:00.  I was hoping Randy could bring some out when he was scheduled to return that afternoon, but he got a headache and will bring it in the morning.  He also called for the inspection, so I will have to get up early to finish it in the morning.


I went back to the trailer for awhile and when I got back, Brian was beginning to trim the expanded foam.  I didn’t want to do it yet, because I enjoyed looking at all the strange shapes, but it needed to be done.  I began doing it as he really needed to continue doing the caulking.  That was really a lengthy process….more that I had realized and he said he was going to continue to work at night until it was done.  I checked back after awhile to see if he wanted dinner, and continued trimming the rest of the foam…..though after communicating with Randy, realized it needs to be trimmed further.  I wonder what will happen with the inspection tomorrow…and when it will happen.

After a dinner break, Brian said he was going to work a little longer on it.  It is now 10 pm and he is not done, nor is he back.  At dinner, he said he finished one octagon and the laundry room, and wanted to finish the foyer. He will do the other octagon in the morning.  Hopefully the inspector doesn’t come too early.

I have been thinking a lot about the insulation with the fiberglass batts which are our next task.  Several people had told me they did their own and it was easy which is why I was willing to take it on.  But on Friday, Randy started telling us what a challenge it is, and then Lanny also told us that it is very unpleasant working with fiberglass and I started getting nervous. Both advised coveralls and gloves and more. Well, I decided to go to YouTube and after watching several videos where they only wore gloves, including one from Corning, I am feeling more comfortable again.  It does seem very doable.  Michael has agreed to help us, too.  Interesting that no one in the videos are wearing protective clothing.


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