Another hurdle is passed

Well Brian worked until 11 last night on caulking the floor joint.  He continued about 9 this morning.  Randy arrived about that time with some more spray foam insulation and I finished sealing all the gaps.  Then we just waited for the county inspector.  I was in the trailer when he came so missed him.  We passed the air seal inspection and he said we did a great job.  That means we can begin putting in insulation and we expect to start on that tomorrow.  Michael can help us for three or four days and my new friend Sarah, who encouraged me because she said she did her own house and it was easy….though of course, a couple of decades ago, said she may be able to come over on Thursday to help.

I think it may be an intermediary inspection, because doors and windows also have to be installed to prevent leakage and they have still not arrived, but we had good news from Topsider this afternoon.  The doors actually did ship last Thursday and are scheduled to arrive on Friday.  Randy had me order good quality ball bearing hinges for the front door and I hope they arrive by Friday as well.  Randy can work on doors on Friday, but he will then be leaving to visit his mom for a couple of weeks, so we won’t see him any more this year and not until we return in the spring.  He will have some members of his crew working through this week and hopefully next week, but many have been pulled off to other jobs because they did not know when the doors and windows would arrive.  Tomorrow they are finishing up the installation and caulking of the faux stucco and the upper panels on each of the “posts” so that I should be able to do some painting over the weekend.

At Randy’s suggestion, I also went through the house taking a video of all the electric and water lines so that we will know where they are in the walls for any possible future work as once the insulation and drywall are done, they will be hidden forever.  I put it on YouTube so I could access it.


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