Arithmetic is useful

Arithmetic is useful, particularly fractions and measuring skills.  Today we worked on installing the insulation in the outside walls.  Not being personally that use to physical labor, it may have been one of the hardest work days of my life, but it was a very satisfactory experience.  I was responsible for measuring the openings and deciding how to distribute the batts, making the best use of the materials possible.IMG_7793 I shared responsibility with Brian for measuring and cutting the batts.  Brian shared responsibility with Michael installing the batts.  Unlike the videos, we had very few framed sections that were full width of the batts and if, for instance, we were cutting one 9 inches wide, I tried to find a spot for the 6 inch piece that remained.  Also, I think there was only one opening in the entire house that did not have wiring and/or plumbing running through it.  I was surprised that the fiberglass was not the level of irritant I had read about.  We only wore dust masks and gloves….and heavy long sleeve shirts….and no itching.  Well Michael had a real respirator.IMG_7794








Gab and James were also here for the day.  I believe James was putting up siding. Gab was caulking every spot where two pieces of siding came together, or siding and corner boards,  or siding and belly board, or numerous other joints.  There are lots and he was working on that all day.

Randy was suppose to come by in the afternoon, but he was feeling ill.  Topsider sent us the tracking number for the doors this morning, and I found out that they arrived in Kent before dawn this morning.  However, I have not received further notice of their movement.  UPS says that they will be here tomorrow afternoon.  It also says there is one crate that weighs over 1500 pounds.  I wonder how it will be unloaded.  Hopefully it is a regular UPS truck which can make it up our driveway.  Once there was a delivery of equipment in a very large tractor trailer truck and we had to meet them off site to unload.


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