Still hanging insulation

It has now been three days that Brian and I have been working on installing installation.  Yesterday Michael was still here to help, but ended up leaving last night instead of over the weekend as we originally thought. His presence was definitely missed.  Sarah came over to help for a few hours yesterday and today.  She probably does not know it, but she increases my I can do it attitude. I began the project by writing down the sizes of all the additional pieces needed.  It was an incredible number.  insulationmeasureThe way Topsider frames these walls seems unnecessarily complicated with few sections actually using a full 15 inch width of a batt of drywall (16 inch centers)….and there were even a few sections larger than 15 inches.  A wall might have a 6, 7, 8, 9, and 15 inch when it could have had 3-15 inch sections, for instance.

Randy came over today, too despite his lingering cold and continued working on the antique front door.  It needs lots of fitting to seal properly in the jamb and also trimming to go over an airtight threshold.

Wednesday morning the doors made it to Kent, but then did not move all day.  Wednesday night we heard that they were not going to be delivered to the site, and I frantically contacted Topsider.  They found out that UPS was transferring them to a local trucking company and expected them to be picked up on Thursday morning and still delivered on Friday.  Randy called them Thursday and was told to call back Friday at 7am.  He did and was told that they were not picked up by the local company on Thursday but would be today and be delivered on Monday…..another delay.  Hopefully the windows will arrive next week as well.


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