The doors have finally arrived

IMG_7810 IMG_7811 IMG_7817 IMG_7819

Randy arrived shortly after 8 saying that he had heard from the trucking company and the doors could arrive anytime.  I started making our breakfast when we heard that the trucker was here and after exploring our long dirt driveway with a turnaround, he had decided that it was unlikely he could turn around and that he would back all the way in.  As much trouble as I have backing a car, I cannot imagine backing a full size tractor trailer. Well he got almost all the way back when he had to go around a gentle curve and he drove the tractor off the road onto too soft of the side….its been raining for about four days, and was stuck.  He detached the trailer and one of the Blue Heron guys towed him out with his 4 WD pickup.  It was quite an effort for him to line up again with the trailer to hook it up.  He then pulled back out the driveway and unloaded the crate with three single doors and two sets of French doors near the road.  IMG_7822Eventually they moved them back to the job site and after a lunch break had set them near each opening.  That left them with very little time to install doors.







IMG_7835 IMG_7834 IMG_7833 IMG_7825They started doing one of the single doors, but I requested that they put in the French door in our bedroom so we would have more light to work as that doorway has had a dark tarp over it.  The height of the opening was too large and they added a 2×6 on top and did get the door installed.  By then it was 4:00.  They will be back tomorrow and hopefully be able to do all the rest of the doors.


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