All closed up…

BRFrenchdoorThey have been working on installing the doors for the past three days and all the doors from Topsider are now installed….and Brian put on the door knobs.



On Thursday while they were doing all that, I drove to Bremerton about a half hour south and went with Kim, Lanny’s daughter, to Westport to pick up a couch I bought off of Craigslist and then to Ocean Shores and on to her little vacation trailer in Copalis Beach, which she needed to get ready for winter….at least turning on the heat.  Grays_Harbor_WA_MapIt was a 2-1/2 hour drive to the southwest corner of the state..  The beach was quite amazing to me as you can drive along it for quite a distance.  She said it is packed with people in the summer, but it was almost empty as we got there just before the early winter sunset.

The county signed off on our exterior insulation yesterday and I advised the dry waller who will have dry wall delivered next Tuesday and they will probably begin hanging on Wednesday.  He came over today and we went over where we want drywall and where we don’t. We have to finish the inside insulation before then and just realized we need to put up the sheer walls and get them inspected before the dry wall can start.  Brian and I will work on all that over the weekend.  He also needs to add shims to all the corner posts so the dry wall can have a level plane on which to be installed.

I really wanted to put tongue and groove wood on the ceiling in some of the rooms, but was advised to just go ahead and do the drywall and then in the future, when we have the time and energy, we may choose to put wood over it, but meanwhile we will have a finished ceiling.

sealingfrontdoorRandy needs to leave for two weeks on Monday, and did not have the opportunity to finish rebuilding our antique front door, so just nailed a piece of plywood on for the next couple of weeks.  He made sure the other doors were complete.

Another thing that has to happen before the drywall, aka sheetrock, is that the place needs to basically be empty and cleaned up.  We began doing that today.  The crew from Blue Heron took away many of their tools and others, particularly ones that we will need to use, are stored in a job box which is on wheels so it can remain.

I was also hoping to do some exterior painting over the weekend, but rain is forecast.  I sure hope Michael, our caretaker, can be available to do some of the painting, as well as priming the drywall.  I would hate to see the siding go all winter without being painted.

Of course, before the siding can be painted, it needs to be hung and before it can be hung, the windows need to be installed.  But….but….but, they still have not arrived. The last we heard from Topsider, they were suppose to have been shipped two weeks ago, but we have heard nothing, including not getting a tracking number.  Both Randy and I have called and emailed and no response.  I love having an octagon house, but I sure can’t recommend the customer service of Topsider.

We will be leaving Monday or Tuesday, and this is the last time we will be here in 2015.  So much left to do.


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