Shear walls and other last steps

We will be leaving Dragonbelly Farm by Tuesday and I took a couple of 7 minute video clips today….don’t look for great quality.  One is the inside and the other is around the outside and the surrounding area.  I leave on Wednesday for the Dominican Republican for the Federation of the Green Party of Americas meeting and about a week later for Paris for COP 21 and then on to visit friends in Italy so won’t see the house again before 2016.  I know the drywall will be finished by the end of November and if Topsider ever sends the windows, they will be installed and the siding hung.  Friends will be priming the drywall and painting the siding for us while we are gone.  I am not sure how much of the other work will continue in our absence.  I know for sure we will need to do the tile work and interior painting when we return and am not sure how all the electrical and plumbing will be finished.

I will add pictures later.


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