Really the last day….this time

So on Tuesday the 10th, we expected the shear wall inspection and for the dry wall to be delivered, and we had a few last tasks to do.  Well, we didn’t notice one of the places that required a shear wall and missed it, so didn’t pass.  The inspector said he might come back that day and we worked diligently on it all morning….even I was swinging a hammer. Fortunately Kavic came back for a couple of hours and trimmed the extra spray in foam insulation on the ceilings.

In the middle of that process, the drywall company came to deliver a massive amount of drywall and leaned about a foot depth of that sheet rock against three walls inside the house.

Since we had been delayed because of the extra sheer wall, it made it a little harder in some spots to put up the spacers we needed to put on each of the posts so they would be level for drywall. We managed to slip them behind the drywall in all locations but one.

So there was no way to fly out on Tuesday and we prepared to leave on Wednesday.  Brian still had many little tasks he wanted to finish and I focused on cleaning up the trailer.  I had to wipe down most of the walls with vinegar as mold was beginning to grow.  I had hoped we would just need a ride to the bus stop in Poulsbo….but we were too late for that, and then I thought we would just need a ride to the ferry in Bainbridge, but we were too late for that, so Michael ended up driving us all the way to the airport.  We don’t usually do that.  We got our flight and were back in our San Mateo home by 8pm.

Now I am trying to get various tasks done to fly out to Newark on a redeye tonight.  I just checked the flights and there were three seats left and I was #2 on the standby list and while I was looking, it changed to two seats left.  I will keep my fingers crossed.  The flight on to the Dominican Republic in the morning is showing 9 seats left with 9 standbys and I think I am #4.  The only thing worse than not making the flight tonight will be making it and then getting stuck in Newark with only one flight a day.


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