Catching up….

It has been about a month since we left Dragonbelly Farm.  Since that time, I went to the Green Party of the Americas meeting in the Dominican Republic, went back to San Mateo for a week, though during that time, we ended up going to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend and then we headed for Paris for the COP 21.  We left Paris yesterday morning and are now at the Damanhur community in N Italy.

Right after we left, the dry wall crew began their job.  They said it would take them three weeks, so I would think they would be done by now, but I have not heard from them.  I know I will eventually for final payment.  At the end of the first weekend, pictures were sent to me of the process.

There are pictures of the prep as well as what it looks like with the wall board hung in two of the bedrooms, the living room, and up to the cupola.

Shortly, after they began, we heard from Randy that the windows had finally arrived.  They began installing them, and with windows in, they were finally able to put up siding, as well as the trim around the windows. I also received pictures of that window and door trim while trying to figure out the color scheme.

Because of not knowing the schedule from Topsider….since the windows were promised over and over before they finally arrived, Randy had to accept other jobs so was not consistently at our job site.  I don’t know if they have finished yet, either. If they are able to finish this week, construction will have taken exactly six months from the summer solstice to the winter solstice.

We hope to be here in Italy until just after the new year and then head back to WA for a few weeks before returning to San Mateo until the spring.  When we get there, we need to think about what it will take to do finish plumbing and electric, put up the cement board for tile in the bathrooms, get fixtures, and install the kitchen.  (The kitchen cabinets are waiting for us in Seattle and the appliances have already been order and are expected….after several delays, next month.)


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