At the end of six months…

So yesterday was the solstice and half a year since the first wall went up on our house.  I had hoped it would be finished by now, but just too many delays from Topsider.  Randy sent me a few pictures last night of where the house is now.

It looks like all the windows are in….but maybe not yet the front door.  Siding is up and Michael, my caretaker has been making plans to paint it.

I have heard that they finished the sheetrock and Michael is also making plans to prime that.  I look forward to seeing some pictures of  the finished drywall.  I just heard from the company from whom I ordered the kitchen appliances and they will be delivered right after we arrive.  I am speaking to the kitchen designer who has been storing the cabinets for us and perhaps they will also be installed while we are there.

We are at the Damanhur Community in the foothills of northern Italy…a spiritual ecovillage intentional community that we have participated with for close to two decades and have been members of the “spiritual people” for most of that time.  The times of solstices and equinoxes are quite important in their world view and we enjoyed a solstice ritual this week, and tomorrow we will attend the monthly full moon ritual as well as planning on the special event that happens in the temple on New Year’s Eve.  Being here is definitely different that most of the rest of our life which is focused on political activism and the environment.  These issues are also important here, but there is a very large spiritual component, too.  Most of it, we do not participate with as it is what would be called a Mystery School and we are not initiates.  A large part of their spirituality includes an emphasis on art and energy work and their underground Temple of Humankind is quite incredible…some have called it the eighth wonder of the world.

As soon as we can arrange a flight after New Year’s Eve, we will be heading back to WA for a few weeks.  I am looking forward to seeing the house, and expect to be doing some painting as well as other projects.


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