Dragonbelly Farm Spring 2016

When we returned to the farm in March, I was not able to access my web blog and could not figure out why.  I thought it might have been because there were too many pictures as WordPress does limit the amount of space you can use for a free site to 3MB. Now that I have been back in San Mateo for a week, I did figure it out after trying to start a new page with a little help….that wasn’t it, but decided to do the continuation on a new web blog anyway as I suspected I might be getting close to that limit.  The new site will be Dragonbelly Farm 2016.  When I first started having troubles, I did take a few notes and then sort of continued my blog on my Facebook page so I can retrieve some information….though it sure won’t be as detailed as I was doing previously….but that is probably a good thing.