General Status of the Dragonbelly Farm Project Spring 2015

If you read the Historic website and updates, you will see what our intention was when we bought the land in 1989.  Best laid plans, etc….

We were not able to find work in the area and I returned to CA and Brian joined me two years later.  We eventually started a small suburban community known as San Mateo Ecovillage.  I retired in 2009 and Brian 2013 and we started planning to return to the land… least part-time.

After some research, we decided to buy a kit home from Topsider Homes  in December of 2013 and finalized a design with them in May of 2014.  We also started making arrangements with a local contractor to put up the house. I started blogging about the project about that time, and you can see the updates as blog posts.  Around that time, we also became interested in the possibility of buying another nearby property known as Beaver Springs Lodge which could give us the opportunity to create the retreat center we dreamed about as well as a community center and place for the arts. However, we are not willing to take this on on our own, and we have been actively seeking partners.  I have had ads on Craigslist in Seattle and in the SF Bay Area.

It was quite a process to get a permit and construction began in April of 2015. I have been very actively blogging since that time. There are a few pictures on all the pages, but I have way more pictures for Dragonbelly Farm in Picasa albums.

I have posted over two dozen blog entries since the construction process started in April.  My most recent three entries just before the summer equinox was to document the erection of the corner wall columns, the steel center posts, the roof beams, and the first wall.  Everything before this was the lengthy preparation of the site and the slab.

I mostly am creating this page as a place to put contact information, because I realized it did not exist on the blog posts.  The best way to reach me is by email ecosanda at or use the contact form.


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