General Status of the Dragonbelly Farm Project Summer 2015

So the equinox has just passed and I returned to California on Friday night while Brian stayed on the farm.  I will be here for just over another week because of commitments here and will return the end of the month.

Hopefully the next two weeks will see the erection of the remaining factory constructed walls and roof panels as well as the onsite framing of the roof sections that are not part of the octagons.  Perhaps internal framing will begin as well.

Originally I had hoped Brian and I would finish it off after that point, with a little help from friends and hiring people here and there.  We told Randy to go ahead and contract with someone to complete the plumbing and electrical work which I think are the next steps after the house is all framed and the roof goes on.  I have been trying to arrange for roofing.  I have also been looking at various options for kitchen cabinets and counters. I was blown away how expensive cabinets and counters are.  I am planning on going to a place that recycle house parts when I fly back up at the end of the month. Otherwise, they really need to be ordered the first week in July as they will probably take 4-6 weeks to arrive.  I haven’t even thought about bathrooms….but will as soon as I make a decision about the kitchen. We will stay on the farm until July 17 when we return for other commitments through the end of the month.  We expect to spend all of August at the farm.


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